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5 Steps to Organize Your Closet, then Your Home

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Your home should be a place that inspires and brings peace. Starting with decluttering your closet. Decluttering your closet can lead to you discovering ways to destress other areas in your home. Use these 5 steps to help you on your way to creating your sanctuary.

If you had a mom like mine, you grew up hearing constantly heard some variation of “Clean up your mess!” However, parents are really good at telling you that something needs to be done but not always that great as teaching you HOW it should be done. A lot of us have become adults as well as parents and we find ourselves saying the same thing and repeating the same behavior. There is a way to break these habits and keep them unbroken. It will take time, persistence, and a changed mind but I promise it will be worth it. Below you will find 5 effective and easy ways to change your life starting with your closets.

Sort and Throw Away.

I know most of us want to be able to fit the pants that we wore during our Freshmen year of college, and I highly recommend that you keep striving for that goal as long as you are healthy and happy doing so. Nonetheless, only keep 1 pair, that’s it no more. Also, think about the last time you wore each piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Was it last week? Or Last year? How did you feel when you wore it? Does it still compliment your style? Is it something that you want to wear again? If the answer to any of these questions is negative, for instance, “This makes me look old.” “I don’t like the way I feel in this dress.” “These shoes are cute but they kill my feet.” It is probably time to donate or throw away those items. Before you decide to buy items to replace what you have thrown away, make sure it looks good, boosts your confidence, and enhances what you have decided to keep.

Once you have decided what you want to keep. Store the out-of-season clothes in a suitcase or in labeled storage bins. Use one bin for each type of clothing. For instance, if you are storing winter clothes, have one bin for sweaters, one bin for sweatshirts, etc. I know what you are thinking, “I have to buy more stuff to organize my stuff” and I get it. But when items are placed in a designated labeled container, basket, bin, etc. it trains the brain and the other people that may live with you where things belong. This will eventually create a habit, once the habit is established it will become hard to break.


Now that everything is out of your closet and you have stowed away your out-of-season clothing, it is time to clean your closet. But first, take a minute to just stand in your empty closet and revel in the peace that you feel. I mean really, take it all in and pat yourself on the back, for taking the first steps to bring order to your space.

Set in Place.

Before putting your clothes back into your closet, decide on HOW you will place them. Purchase shoe racks or boxes for your shoes, bins or drawers for handbags, hats, ties, etc. Make sure to take a complete inventory of what you have so you can purchase enough organization tools for the job.


Next decide will you sort your clothes by function (blouses, pants, skirts, sweatshirts, etc.), color, bin size, etc? Decide on a method that works best for you and your lifestyle. For you, it may be best to put your work clothes at the front of your closet and the sort by function, followed by your leisure clothes sorted by function. Whatever method you choose, make sure it “makes sense” for you and your lifestyle.


As you start to enjoy your clutter-free space, evaluate whether or not you need more storage containers or if you need to change the layout to better suit you. Continue to improve, your space until you have one that can be sustained easily. Regularly, evaluate your needs and feelings towards items in your closets. Doing this on a regular basis will prevent your closet from becoming overflowed with items that you don’t need or want anymore.

REMEMBER: Decide that you are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to destress your life, strategize and put it to work. Clutter and stress do not happen overnight, so don't try to get it all done in one weekend. Stick with it. I promise the peace you feel and the time you save will be worth it.

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